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My name is Joe Groark I attend the College of ​Charleston School of Business in South Carolina. I ​am a business administration major with a ​concentration in Entrepreneurship. Tutoring allo​ws me to help students conquer various types​ of math. I enjoy golf, working out, collegiate in​tramurals, photography, spending time with family, ​friends and my two dogs.


Listening to each student's challenges and providing positivity to the situation is the critical first step. Then collaborating the student's current procedure to solve the problem, reinforcing what is being done correctly followed by practice for independency is my overall approach.


Peer tutoring means I am current with the math topics being taught and share the same mind set of the students I assist which helps with session flow.



Service Focus

  • Math 6-7 skill building: ratio, proportional relationships, the ​number system, expressions, equations, probabilities.
  • 8th-9th grade skill building: number sense and operations, ​algebra, data analysis/probability.
  • Homework tutoring and guidance
  • Organization of homework papers and due dates
  • Quiz and test practice
  • School-year and summer skill building
  • In-person and Zoom flexibility